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Best value versatile portable battery electric skateboard wireless remote control for adults and teenagers

Best value versatile portable battery electric skateboard wireless remote control for adults and teenagers
One Class electric skateboard V2.0 is the best value skateboard that is wonderful and versatile. It has a wireless remote control and is powered by battery pack. It is very suitable for adults.
As everyone knows, skateboarding is very hot in extreme sports at home and abroad. Whether on the street or in the online video, you can see young people drifting on a portable skateboard everywhere. Extreme speed drifting, tick-tacking, turning and other fancy movements are all amazing and envious, but they are also dangerous and strenuous. One Class electric skateboard V2.0, the best value product that combines the latest electric balance technology and traditional skateboard, brings adults and teenagers a different wonderful and versatile experience!

Better size and load weight
One Class electric skateboard V2.0 adopts a medium-sized board and the overall size is 900*254*130mm, which is very portable for both adult and teenager to use. The electric skateboard V2.0 board is made of seven layers of Canadian maple with excellent elasticity and toughness. The board is thermoformed by CNC grinding process without splicing marks, and looks more beautiful. The maximum load weight is up to 130kg for versatile ways to use.
electric skateboard for adults
High quality will give you a better load weight.
Long battery life
One Class electric skateboard V2.0 uses famous Samsung brand rechargeable lithium battery pack. Seamlessly embedded battery is durable and not easy to be broken and can transfer power stably. Total battery capacity is 5.5A. Charging duration is only 3 hours and the battery can be recharged for 500 times. So long battery life can best meet your all demands and you don't need to worry about replacing battery frequently any more!
electric skateboard battery
The battery position
Wireless smart remote control
One Class electric skateboard V2.0 is controlled by a wireless remote. There are three buttons, three lights and a charging interface on the wireless remote control. One is switching the wireless remote control on or off. One big main button is to accelerate and brake and the side button is to select forward or back. The three lights from left to right are skateboard power light, signal indicator and remote power light. The wireless remote control shape is user-friendly. Comfortable grip and sensitive control make teenagers and even an adult do not want to put it down!
electric skateboard remote control
As long as having the romote control, you can go and stop at will.
Versatile and safe
One Class Electric skateboard V2.0 adopts versatile IPX4 water-proof and dust-proof and V0 fire-proof material. Whether it's sunny or raining, teenagers can safely take it to school and an adult can take it to work, to the park and more other places. It's very portable. Don't worry that it can't work because of getting into the water or  burnt out suddenly. It's very safe and very easy to clean.
best value electric skateboard
It's the very electric skateboard that is popular among people.
One Class electric skateboard V2.0 has opened up a new way of travel for teenagers and adults. A versatile rechargeable remote control electric skateboard takes you through the city easily and fast. To work or taking an outing, Choose the One Class electric skateboard V2.0. You will not be regret forever!

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