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Custom portable light up self standing handle electric scooter uphill

Custom portable light up self standing handle electric scooter uphill
If you're looking for a portable electric scooter with handle and you can stand on it to uphill, One Class electric scooter E1 is your best choice. It is light up and we can custom follow your idear.
If you're looking for an electric scooter for a longer commute to work, One Class electric scooter E1 is an excellent choice. This electric scooter lasts much longer with a single battery charge. And it's the most popular model among all electric products of One Class technology company. The follows are introductions.

Long-Lasting Battery
With all of these electric scooters only having battery endurance mileages of 10 miles, you probably feel like it's not really a ideal transportation to get to work and back home. One Class electric scooter E1, a perfect one for meeting short-distance transportation requirements, like running errands or getting to work or school, can easily travel 12 miles with once charge. It's speed can go up to 15.5 miles per hour and one charging time is within 2.5 hours. All this power comes from a 42 V battery pack.
portable electric scooter
Better battery, longer lasting.
User-friendly design
One Class electric scooter E1 has many user-friendly and portable design. Anti-slip handle is designed for a comfortable hand feeling even for a long time riding. Thumb-controlled acceleration makes you speed up only by pressing the accelerator buttons on the left handlebar and right handlebar, which is very easy to control and operate. There is also a led screen centered between the left and right handlebar to display the remaining battery capacity and current speed, which is easy to know the ride condition. If the battery remains less than 2 lines, please pay attention to charge it. The built-in electronic control system allows you to achieve a portable one key to boot operation without manual power-on and shutdown. Stem also can be adjusted for different height people.
 handle electric scooter
Intimate design shows good performance.
Safety riding
One Class electric scooter E1, a perfect electric scooter taking you freely travel under absolute safety. On each side of the left and right handlebar, there is a led gear. Super bright led taillight on the both side of rear wheel of course can ensure your night riding safety. The light color can change when you brake. You can press the brake lever to make the light flashing to warn the rear vehicles and riders. One Class electric scooter E1 also has a slope grade of 25% for uphill. Of course the electric scooter needs a motor of 250 watts at least to travel uphill. Please be assured that One Class electric scooter E1 has a 300W solid motor, which is enough for uphill.
 electric scooter uphill
Stronger power brings more comfortable experience.
Custom what you need
Here One Class technology will prove its determination and good work once again. No matter what color you want, as long as your order quantity is enough, One Class will provide all the custom products for you. And for that battery capacity, you also can custom 4.0A or 7.5A for different endurance mileage. One Class will do our best to provide you with the best service.
custom electric scooter
Electric scooter E1 from two perspectives
If you are still looking for more information on the best electric scooter, be informed that you are just at the right place. One Class electric scooter E1 is perfect. It is easy to learn, requires no assembly, and provides excellent mobility. So, without any further wait, let's get down to business.

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