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Affordable outdoor transportable electric scooter hub motor with disc brake

Affordable outdoor transportable electric scooter hub motor with disc brake
One Class electric scooter L16 is a poopular outdoor transpoter. It has hub motor and disc brake. Such superior configuration is only at an affordable price.
There are more and more new, lightweight electric scooters that look just like those you used to ride outdoor when you were a kid. However, these little rides have been a portable, fast, practical personal outdoor transport for adults, especially in urban cities. Lightweight electric scooter market has exploded over the last few years, and it is very easy to imagine electric scooters as the future of the urban transportation. Here I will pick this one for you, the One Class electric scooter L16.

Simple design
One Class electric scooter L16 is a best-selling product you never imagined. It doesn't have a very gorgeous appearance. The whole body is black, and there are only a few red embellishments. The combination of black and red makes your electric scooter look simple and cool. Although it looks simple, it has many intimate design such as durable, anti-skidding kickstand for temporary parking, rear wheel buckle for better fixing after folding and digital display screen for reading.
outdoor electric scooter
Simple but not dull apperance.
In-wheel Hub motor
The brushless hub motor of the One Class electric scooter L16 is built in the front wheel that allows up to 15.5 miles per hour top speed. At present, it appears that in-wheel motors has advantages in many areas. Conventional vehicles implementing traction and stability control is rather slow to respond and is limited to applying retarding force. With in-wheel hub motors, you can deliver precisely controlled braking in a very short time and improve traction and stability control, enhancing drivability and safety.
electric hub motor
Solid tire and in-wheel hub motor
Disc brake
One Class electric scooter L16 has two main braking modes. They are rear wheel disc brakes system and convenient hand brake. Efficient and responsive braking system let you stop within 5 meters. In the market, electric scooters with disc brake are very expensive and not affordable for many people. One Class has considered this point in advance. For the electric scooter L16, we offer a very reasonable price to the market and with the increasing order quantity, you can have a bigger discount. I am sure that it is of course an affordable one.
electric scooter disc brake
Disc brake at the rear wheel
About the advantages of One Class electric scooter L16, I haven't finished introducing. For example, electric scooter L16 can be folded in three easy steps. It is very easy for commuting such as students' weekend travel to exhibition hall, library, tutorial class, office workers' commuting, weekend outdoor tourism activities and urgent purchase of goods. It is lightweight and you can 8-inch tires can take you travel smoothly. Don't hesitate any more! Let's start a business right now!

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