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Best fast high power easy travel adult size electric scooter personal transportation

Best fast high power easy travel adult size electric scooter personal transportation
Electric scooters L10 is a best kind of personal transportation at adult size. It has high power that can be fast to take you somewhere you want. Let you have an easy travel with electric scooter L10.
Electric scooters have hit urban city streets more and more frequently. From electric bicycles to hoverboards, these two-wheel vehicles become a personal transportation solution for many office workers. They help reduce pollution and avoid traffic jams! Electric scooters, particularly ones that foldable, can be much more convenient and popular for work commuting, especially if you work in a city, and do not want to leave your bike or electric bicycle outside waiting for you all day. Look at the One Class electric scooter L10! It will be your loyal partner on commuting road!

Fast and smooth
One Class electric scooter L10 has a robust 300W hub motor propelling the electric scooter to a max speed of 15.5 miles per hour. 4000 mAh large battery capacity supports a maximum travel range of up to 7.5 miles under specific conditions. 8 inches solid tires can smoothly ride over bumps and cracks in your city streets and sidewalks.
fast electric scooters for adults
8-inch solid tire
Lightweight and portable
One Class electric scooter L10 has 29 lbs lightweight body and 264.5 lbs super heavy  load weight that even a fat man can ride it cruising like a lightning bolt. Such a 1002*959*427 mm size body can also be folded to be smaller. You only need to press the fold button and then pull the handlebar down to complete the fold. No matter where you want to take it anywhere.
easy travel electric scooter
The whole body is lightweight and compact.
Safer double brake system
Double brake system of electronic brake and rear wheel brake let you stop and go at any time. Electronic brake can directly turn off the power when you brake and then reduce speed stably and quickly. Rear wheel brake is a braking mode that achieves a braking affect quickly by human force. Using the rear wheel brake while using the electronic brake can make your driving safety more secure.
high power electric scooter
Step on the rear  fender gently to brake.
Intelligent induction light
In addition to bright LED headlight and LED stem light that can illuminate your path as you ride, the taillight will always accompany you in the dark riding night. When you brake, the taillight will be orange red to warning of the rear vehicles and people.
electric scooter personal transportation
Watch out! Please stop right now!
Come on man! One Class electric scooter L10 is here and why not getting one? It is fun, eco-friendly and easy to ride. It is a great alternative to driving a car and a convenient, cost effective, compact personal transport. It's no wonder there are more and more electric scooter enthusiasts. No matter you Love it or hate it, they do get to where they need to easily and fast, while other people spend hours in their cars or stuck in traffic.

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