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Smallest best quality long lasting collapsible works electric scooter for ladies

Smallest best quality long lasting collapsible works electric scooter for ladies
There is such a kind of transportation called One Class electric scooter L16, which can satisfy you with its smallest size, best quality and long lasting battery.It is collapsible and suitable for ladies to work.
I am sure that everyone has experienced the pain of catching the bus in the winter. It is really a bitter tear. Although the subways in various cities are now very fast and smooth, there is no way for the subway stations to be built exactly next to the home and the company. This is also a headache. Sometimes there is always the urge to buy an electric bicycle, but think about the size, then look at the small room you live in, or forget it. Is that really hopeless? Of course not! Do you konw that there is another kind of thing called electric scooter, which can satisfy you with its small size, fast speed and convenience. Just right, One Class just got on the professional version, the electric scooter L16. Let's go and have a look!

Small and beautiful
Since it is riding outdoors, the appearance of the electric scooter is naturally very important. Don't worry about this. One Class products are never disappointed, right? The overall shape of electric scooter L16 is similar to common electric scooter in the market and the entire is L-shaped. It is 1103*1084*427mm and only weight 27 lbs. The fuselage is dominated by cool black and some details have red accents, feeling a little more noble and mysterious. In fact, this color matching is great and satisfactory for both man and ladies.
long lasting electric scooter
Small and beautiful apperance
Long lasting battery
One Class electric scooter L16 uses a long lasting power rechargeable lithium battery that can be powered at a high rate. It has a large battery capacity of 6000 mah that can be super long lasting to meet your travel up to 15.5 miles. Charging time is not long that only 3 hours can make it full. Having this long lasting battery you will never worry about frequent charging or you are forced to stop halfway and push it forward.
best quality electric scooter
It looks great as it is.
Collapsible and portable
There is a buckle under the control rod of the scooter. Open the buckle, pull down the controller rod, and then press the controller rod to fix it on the fender of the rear wheel to complete the folding. In short, it is “open, pull, and press”. The result is a compact and portable folding electric scooter L16 that is ideal for storing at home, in the office or in the trunk of the car. You even can directly carry it to the bus and subway to finish your last mile of your travel.
collapsible electric scooter for adults
Folded electric scooter L16
Safely riding and practical
Since the scooter is IPX4 water resistant, you are able to ride in the mist and the rain just safely. There is a red brake light on the back of the fender, so you should be fine to ride in just about any condition. Ultra bright led headlight increases your safety of riding in the evening. There is also a led display screen that can show you the current speed and remaining battery capacity always. No matter you want to use it in the day or night, you will always be safe. It is very practical.
smallest electric scooter
Handlebar with digital display screen
If you're looking for a small and long lasting electric scooter with high quality that can be collapsible for ladies to work, look at the One Class electric scooter L16. Take that however you want.

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