Technology is developing all the time. Travelling tools also need to be distinctive. With the diversification of transportation tools, the self balancing scooter has gradually come into our sight. While bringing us the experience of riding, it has refreshed our understanding of traditional transportation tools, liberated our hands and brought more fun to our children's lives. But when using the self balancing scooter, there will also be various problems, such as the safety of riding self balancing scooter? What should we do when the water gets into the vehicle? What's wrong with a self balancing scooter that doesn't charge? What's wrong when you can't turn it on? Now I will give you a detailed response.

1. The problem of the water gets into the self balancing scooter.
Once the water gets into the vehicle, shut down as soon as possible. Because the internal water will cause short-circuit damage to the wiring board. If it has been shut down, please do not turn on again. Then contact the shop that you purchased the self balancing scooter to consult the relevant scientific solutions.
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2. The problem of the self balancing scooter cannot charged.
Adopt the step-by-step exclusion method. First, turn on the self balancing scooter to check whether it can operate normally or not. If you can ride as usual, it means that the motherboard is good. It may be a problem of charger or battery. Then, you can replace the charger to see whether other chargers can charge smoothly. If the charger can be charged normally after changing, it is the problem of charger. Conversely, it is the battery problem. Of course, It's not absolute. Encountering such a thing, you had better to ask after-sales personnel for inspection.
If you can't adopt the above steps because you can't turn on it at the beginning, first, plug in the charger and see the color of the indicator lamp on the charger. If it's green at the beginning, it's usually a battery problem. If it shows the normal charging in red, turn on the self balancing scooter in the charging state. If it can be turned on, it's generally possible to confirm that there isn't wrong with the motherboard. It's may be a problem of battery. You need to change a new one. If the charge shows red and the vehicle cannot start, it may be a problem of motherboard. At this time, we should contact the after-sales personnel to ask for inspection and maintenance.

3. The matter of driving.
Please wear good protective gear when using and pay attention to your safety when driving, especially for children. Because the younger children are weak in handling ability and ability to deal with emergencies. For safety reasons, it is recommended that parents should take care of them while wearing protective gear in order to avoid emergencies.
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4. The problem of the self balancing scooter can turn on normally, but the tire is stuck.
This is usually a problem of motor or motherboard. Put the vehicle upside down and rotate the motor by hand. If the motor rotates normally, it is usually the problem of motherboard. If the motor cannot rotate, there may be something wrong with the motor. If the motor does not rotate smoothly, it may be the problem of motor or motor wire. If you want to check continuously, you need to open the outer case and remove the motor wire. It is recommended not to check whether the motor wire is the problem by oneself. In case of this situation, please contact the shop's after-sales personnel to inform the specific situation so that they can arrange after-sales maintenance.