When you buy a beloved electric scooter, you must want to keep it in best condition all the time. But many people don't know how to maintain his electric scooter so that it has to be repaired and replaced soon. Then he will not only be sad by the losses, but also regret that he doesn't take good care of it.

Here One Class will provide some tips for you to better maintain your electric scooter. No matter how far or how long you travel with it, it will still be your original beloved electric scooter.

Electric scooters are composed of many metal parts. When you don't use it, store it somewhere avoiding damp. If you don't use it for a long time, I suggest you charging it once a month to maintain its vitality.
outdoor electric scooter
Outdoor transportable electric scooter L16 with disc brake
Electric scooter is going by two wheels. Long time rolling will make it wore out. If you don't care and ignore it, it will not work normally. So once you find something wrong with any tire, repair or replace it. Because you need to open the side without indicator light, you must turn off the power and then remove ring side bolt with a cross screwdriver. But be careful not to pull the wiring harness in the side covers.

Electric scooter is usually used outside and is inevitably to get sludge or dirt. So we need to clean it regularly to keep it clean. If you're worried about improper operation, we advise you to contact with after-sale customer service to clean it scientifically so that to have a brand new electric scooter.
collapsible electric scooter
Folded electric scooter L16
The above are today's suggestions that One Class provides for you. Normal maintenance. Easy maintenance. Hope you have an electric scooter with excellent performance.