Hoverboard is also called electric balancing hoverboard, smart balancing scooter, self-balancing scooter, body-controlled scooter, mind-controlled scooter, etc. Its working principle mainly established on the basis of dynamic stability, which sense the change of direction by using the gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the hoverboard and by using the servo control system to drive the motor to keep system balanced. What's the characteristic of hoverboards and how to use them? Here are the introductions.


ONE. Electric drive, Anti-rattle
Electric hoverboards adopt lithium batteries to be the source of power and adopt power conversion to charge the lithium battery automatically when going downhill to make electric energy and kinetic energy recyclable.
new hoverboard
Pure black hoverboard K8
TWO. Small Volume, Light Weight
One Class electric hoverboard weighs about 10 kilograms and takes up small space. There is also a handle belt to make it convenient to carry.

THREE. Standing Driving Mode
Electric hoverboards adopt standing driving mode and operate by the center of gravity and controlled by the joystick. What's more, you can use the short handle and control the vehicle by your shins to release your hands.
adult hoverboard
Adults can be easily beared.

It's similar to human balance system that in order to keep balanced, when the center of gravity leans forward, we need to walk forward and the same principle for the center of gravity leans backward. Meanwhile, grips and telescopic rod can be used to control direction. When you swing the grip, the telescopic rod will be connected to together make the speed different between the left wheel and right wheel of the vehicle (for example, when the telescopic turns left, the speed of right wheel is faster than the left wheel's) to achieve steering.