The urban transportation has been more and more developed now, including subway, light rail, BRT... However, the last mile delivery has not been properly resolved. How to get to the company or home quickly from the station is still a problem.

The first solution is to buy a car. However, the following problems are parking difficulties, traffic jams and so on. In addition, share-bicycle is also an option. But the difficulty of finding one, the tiredness of pedaling and the slow speed also greatly reduce its convenience. Another is to buy an electric vehicle. But if the distance is long, it can only solve the problem of getting from home to the bus stop. When you get off the bus, you have to walk to the company and you also need to worry about parking safety.
foldable electric scooter
Easy fold
The above schemes all have some shortcomings. However, when you see One Class electric scooters, you will feel excited. You can ride directly from home to the bus stop and then fold it up and take it on the bus with you. After getting off, you can continue to ride it to the company. You almost don't need to worry about the restriction of parking lot. As a transportation, electric scooter can be the best choice for commuting.

One Class electric scooter does not need to be assembled after you get it. It is used only by pulling up the head. Electric scooters look big, but they are smaller when folded. It saves more space if you put it standing up. The folding of electric scooters is very easy. You just need to press the unlock folding switch below and pull the handlebar back. It can be folded right away. This makes it easy to place and tow.
girls scooter
Even a young girl can easily lift it up.
The electric scooter produced by One Class is very easy to get started and it's not even exaggerated to say that you can learn it as soon as you step on it. First, briefly summarize the experience of One Class electric scooter.
1. Easy folding and portable collection.
2. Stable riding
3. Excellent shock-proof effect.
4. Line concealment, overall comfort.
5. Duration of 25km, basically meet daily needs.

One Class electric scooter is made of aluminum alloy. This material allows the maximum load of electric scooters to reach 120 kg. The scooters height 113 cm and some can be adjusted height. The tires are bigger than ordinary electric scooters, so the weight of the body reaches 12 kg, which is a little too heavy for a petite female friend to pick it up. But the towable design solves this problem. And the weight of the scooter is relatively stable in riding.