Hoverboard is a kind of tool to keep balance with high technology and have a certain speed at the same time. It is also called self balancing hoverboard because it can keep balance. The use of hoverboard has been very common nowadays. Hoverboards can not only solve the problem of traffic jams at work, they are also low-carbon and environmentally friendly because they are powered by electricity. Well, how to ride an hoverboard? Here are some tips for you.

ONE. Choose A Wide Site
Find a spacious flat place with as few people and obstacles as possible. Because when you first learn, you can't keep a straight line right away. The wider space can help you avoid rushing into the grass or being forced to jump off because the road changes. The ground should be flat. Do not practice on brick floor in the district or stone floor with ribbed lines or blind road. Even very fine lines will affect the direction of the sensitive hoverboard. It's difficult for beginners to handle this distortion and twist.
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TWO. Pay Attention to The Gravity Foot
Before stepping on the hoverboard, first of all, determine your gravity foot. This is very important. The way to determine which foot is gravity foot is to stand upright and let another one push you without telling you. The foot you unconsciously step out of is the gravity foot. The gravity foot is the foot which you first step on the pedal.

THREE. Foot Position
Novice often can't get on the electric balancing hoverboard well. If stepped wrong, it will not only affect your perception of the state of the hoverboard, but also affect the relative position of your legs and the balance of the hoverboard. Someone found that even though one foot had stepped on the ground urgently, the hoverboard suddenly turned over with a small arc drawn from the side of its leg. Why is that? Because your feet are too forward or too backward. After you know which one is the gravity foot, let this foot step on the pedal first. Don't shake or dislocate. After calming down, try to step on the other foot. The front and back position of the foot should be mastered. Novice should try to feel the center of foot and pedal. They had better to be at a same point. Forward and backward are not conducive to your study.
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FOUR. Forward Your Center of Gravity
The hoverboard is controlled by the center of gravity of the human body. If you lean your center of gravity forward, the hoverboard will move forward. This needs to be realized slowly by yourselves. Don't worry about wrestling. Actually, because you can't ride yet, it's impossible to be over-speed. So you can't wrestle at all. It is difficult for beginners to quickly grasp the overall front of the center of gravity. Some people use the front half of their feet to press down to move forward. Although this is wrong, it is also a way to learn. Tired as it is, it helps to find the feeling of riding.
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There are many led lights at different position.
FIVE. Speed
At the beginning of learning, we always fear that fast speed is difficult to control, so we ride very slowly. Little wonder the slower, the harder. Balancing hoverboards, like bicycles, are too slow to control. Therefore, a certain speed is necessary. Learning this kind of wheel tool requires searching for balance in motion. Anyone can ride a bicycle for hours but cannot ride very slowly for only a few minutes.

SIX. Sight
Look ahead. Don't look down at the hoverboard. Keep your upper body upright and don't bend down. Beginners must pay attention to the fact that if you look down at the ground when you ride, you are likely to fall or hit something. Because bending down and bowing down will affect the control of the center of gravity.
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Balancing hoverboard is a kind of hoverboard that takes advantage of various characteristics of physics and gives complex high-tech elements to its seemingly simple structure. In fact, the safety of the hoverboard is very high. At the same time, it is very convenient to take the place of walking without polluting the environment. After looking at the above article, do you want to try an electric self balancing hoverboard.