Electric scooters are intelligent travel tools that produced based on the traditional skateboards together with electric power kits. At present, electric scooters are generally classified into two kinds of driving equipments: double-wheel drive and single-wheel drive. The common driving modes are hub motor and belt drive and the main power source is lithium battery pack. Electric scooters do not need to be driven by manpower unless without electricity. Just use your imagination and find inspiration in the process of riding, electric scooter can rotate or jump in the square, park, road and make electric scooter become a tool for entertainment and fitness.

Playing electric scooter can strengthen leg muscle and arm strength, strengthen cardiopulmonary function, enhance bone development, stretch leg ligaments, strengthen balance reaction and sensitivity and coordination. However, in the process of using electric scooters, we should pay attention to some common sense of safety.
best electric scooter for commuting
The digital screen can always show speed and battery for safe riding.
Riding equipments of electric scooters
The head is an important organ of human beings. Therefore, head protection is very important during riding an electric scooter. A quality-assured helmet can protect you from major injuries.
The gloves of electric scooter have different sizes and styles. Many people use motorcycle gloves or gardening gloves instead. There is no fixed standard for electric scooter gloves. You just need to choose the size of your hand anti-skid gloves.
3. Kneepad and Wrist Guard
Kneepads and wrist guard can work together to protect you from joint damage while riding. Lightweight plastic kneepads are recommended.
4.Suitable Shoes
In general, the vast majority of sports shoes are very suitable for the use of electric scooters. Try not to wear slippers or high heels on electric scooters. The size of the shoes should be in line with the size of their feet.
cool electric skateboard
You should pay more attention for electric skateboard without hanclebar.
Considerations of Riding
1. Do not replace the original parts of the electric scooter as far as possible, otherwise dangerous faults will easily occur.
2. Before riding, adjust the height of the electric scooter to suit your height.
3. Choose the electric scooter with better braking performance and be familiar with the braking position.
4. Oil the bearing regularly to reduce sliding resistance.
5. Beginners should ride on the road with smaller slope and then gradually increase the difficulty.
6. Don't ride on wet or bumpy roads.